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7-14-01 – Working more on stylesheets, trying to unify the setup of the site, as I can see the number of pages is going to mushroom quickly on this page. Added the floating logo in the lower right corner.

7-13-01 – Submitted to most major search engines the other day, and our listing for Yahoo! is already up. Traffic?? We’ll see how the site can handle it.

7-2-01 – I’m realizing this project is huge. If anyone wants to help out with generating information for this page, please contact me.

7-1-01 – Finally got some more time to work on the site, been tossing RedHat 7.1 on my box to review some hardware.

6-24-01 – Made some additions, put up several more pages. Working on getting cascading stylesheets working. Posted the ESM modules for PowerEdge systems. I don’t know why their folks love making you run around the NOC searching for DOS boot disk. Anyway, they’re all recompiled into WinImage EXE files, so if you just run the file it makes the disk you need.

6-23-01 – The site is officially born! Registered the domain and am hosted with a generous 600MB of space for the year on PrimeMaster. Hoping to do a lot with this site, as I feel there has definitely been a void left by all the other hardware review sites out there.

No wild promises. No marketing people. Just the hardware.
We’re here to provide you the facts about server class hardware.*

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“Web Server Brawn”
from ZDNet

SuperMicro SW-830C Case
from HardwareCentral

IBM Netfinity 5100
from ZDNet

Compaq Proliant DL360
from PC Advisor

HP Netserver LT6000R
from Network World Fusion

Intel Xeon 1.7GHz
from Anandtech

Dell PowerEdge
ESM Revisions

Server Hardware Certifications

1U Thin Server Specs

Intel Pro 100+ Dual Port Network Adapter (soon)

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RAID Defined

“The Future of x86”

What is SMP?


Fibre Channel
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HP Compaq
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